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Debian JeOS (Blueprint)

What is JeOS? In short: an small sized, customized and minimal OS installation. The goal is to have a small footprint e.g. for Virtual Appliances in VMware, VirtualBox or Qemu.

Interested? Contact me on


  • cut off a debian distribution kernel (in progress)
    • turn off unused hardware-modules, debug stuff
  • debootstrap a minimal Debian installation
    • provide a image for most used virtualisation solutions such as VMware, VirtualBox, Qemu
  • get feedback
  • setup a repo with debian kernel packages

{{vcard>[polyformal] Stefan Pampel <> # +49 221 3103 122 & & & +49 221 9311 9223 | Kaesenstraße 8, D-50677 Köln, Germany }}{{vcards:stefan_pampel_small.jpg?80|}}

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