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The module rcmail is currently broken.


  • Basic: Integration of the roundcube webmail client in drupal
  • Pro / Contra iframe: The iframe solution is not very nice, but roundcube is just a complex application. Maybe it's also better for maintaining updates. Also following the unix philosophy: a task should have it's own application.
  • Advantages: rcmail is an module to use the nice-looking ajax webmail client roundcube in drupal. Users can leave their mail account information in drupals account settings to make use of a single-sign-on. The passwords stored crypted in drupals database*. Some scripts in roundcube were modified to use contacts managed with civicrm. Users can query, edit and insert new contacts in the contact pool of civicrm.
  • Future: Uses can see sent emails as activities in civicrm.
  • *Security: The password of the users IMAP account stored in the database using php mcrypt and a key you can set in the rcmail.module. So even a database administrator is not able to read users password as plain-text. To login the IMAP account, the password will be decrypted using mcrypt and the key in runtime. Paranoia: If an evil hacker gain access of booth, drupals database and your key (wich is stored in the script), the hacker is able to decrypt the passwords.
  • Project at drupal

Notes 4.7.x <

rcmail was updated to work with drupal-4.7. But there are two outstanding tasks:

  • currently no patch for civicrm-module, if you need this don't hesitate to contact me

Notes Drupal 5.x

The automatic installation of tables needed by roundcubemail could not be done by a procedure of hook_install. Because drupal strips all protection characters like ' or ` . Because roundcubemail uses fieldnames like 'from' or 'reply-to' in the identities table f.e. Without protecting characters this breakes the MySQL syntax.



Support / Development

Please use the rcmail project site at drupal.

If you need fast response or modification for your own needs1) please contact me at polyformal to open a business track.



please have a look at Versions before.

rcmail.module comes with 2 different patches for 2 flavors of using adressbooks. The one with the great advantage to use the addressbook from civicrm, wich needs the patch patch_ab_civicrm.txt . The other one with the standard addressbook from roundcubemail needs patch_ab_rc.txt

Superuser 2007/03/24 12:50 civicrm is not supported yet, because it seems like that nobody needs it.


  • goto [drupal]/sites/all/modules/rcmail/
  • unpack roundcubemail to ./ so that you have [drupal]/sites/all/modules/rcmail/roundcubemail
  • assuming now that ./patch_ab_[flavor].txt and ./roundcubemail/ (create symbolic links if necessary)
  • apply patch patch -p0 -u < patch_ab_[flavor].txt
  • edit roundcubemail/conf/ (for further details read roundcubemail/README and INSTALL)
      • set to drupals database
      • add the prefix rcmail_ to all mysql tables, like the following example:

before // you can define specific table names used to store webmail data $rcmail_config['db_table_users'] = 'users'; after // you can define specific table names used to store webmail data $rcmail_config['db_table_users'] = 'rcmail_users';

  • set your smtp server
  • modify roundcubemail/SQL/mysql5.initial.sql
There is also an file called roundcubemail/SQL/mysql.initial.sql for mysql 4.x. It should work in the same way.
  • add the table prefix rcmail_ to all CREATE TABLE statements, like the following example:

before CREATE TABLE `contacts` after CREATE TABLE `rcmail_contacts`

when using vi/vim you can use can use:


  • apply roundcubemail/SQL/mysql.initial.sql to drupal's database
  • Modify roundcubemail/.htaccess if neccesary
In the file rcmail.module you can change the $key variable in the _encrypt() and _decrypt() function to any random characters. Booth $key must have the same content.

Finish and Check it out

  • settings in druapl
    • enable the module / permissions
    • edit IMAP setting in 'my account'
    • select 'roundcubemail' from the menu


This is a matrix witch patch matches the right roundcube version.

patch roundcube drupal
patch_ab_rc.txt 1.4 0.1beta2 4.7.3
patch_ab_rc.txt 1.5 0.1beta2 5


This gives an overview how it was modified, for everybody who is interested in.

  • iframe problem: 'Compose' overrides the iframe (Zeile 845)
  • database to drupals database
    • SQL/mysql.initial.sql set tablesnames with prefix rcmail_
  • adressbook civicrm support
    • program/steps/addressbook/*
    • program/steps/mail/
  • see patch
make patch with addressbook from civicrm diff -ruN roundcubemail/ drupal/modules/rcmail/roundcubemail/ -x .svn -x config > patch_ab_civicrm.txt make patch with rcmail standard addressbook diff -ruN roundcubemail/ drupal/modules/rcmail/roundcubemail/ -x .svn -x config -x program > patch_ab_rc.txt


Task Status Priority Comments
Basic Integration Complete 1 Javascript issue
Security Complete 1 handled via drupals session_db
Crypted Passwords Complete 1 handled via php mcrypt
CiviCRM integration In Progress 2 difficult if, there were different databases, works when same db as drupal (table prefix civicrm_
# adressbook In Progress 2 Query, Update & New works basicly
solve firstname-surname-display_name issue
solve 'edit contact'→email
delete contacts(?)
# activities 3log sent email
# permissions 3check drupals settings for civicrm, also perissions for groups
drupal-4.7.0 tag Complete 2 issues with grab and modify formdata in case:update hook_user
patch for civicrm adressbook
code cleanup 2
iframe dimensions 3adminster task
signature fom user 3


  • 1 : essential
  • 2 : for stable release
  • 3 : make up
for example integration of your favorite CRM with addresses and activity tracking
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